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Exterior wall panels

 GLOBOND plus PVDF aluminum composite panels (ACP/ACM) is exclusively made for exterior wall cladding.its excellent property comes from the front coating&its outstanding durability.PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride Carbon) Kynar 500 coatings is achieved through the continuing roller coating system which is based on the most prestigious Duranar technology & the multiple layers are individually stoved at 200~ 260 centidegree.GLOBOND plus PVDF coated with Polyvinylidene Fluroride Resin from PPG Industries U.S.A& Becker Group in Sweden.it features no chromatism. Good lightness. Extreme rigidity & flatness. Chemical salt spray .acid & alkali resistance for more than 20 years. The colors can endure more than 20 years and keep like fresh .   The panels have super peeling strength .non-toxicity and safety.Easy processing&installation .Easy maintenance & no pollution. GLOBOND is the modern building materials manufacturer and products hv been widely used for Interior and exterior decoration of hotel, supermarket, office building, hospital, school, bus station, metro station, airport, stadium, ship, signboards, curtain wall etc. ACP change our life and we love ACP & aluminum cladding.  To be the best  aluminium cladding suppliers in the world is our dream.


Fireproof A2

GLOBOND Fireproof panels is available Polyester coating or PVDF coating .the key property of retardant or non combustible comes from the mineral core.  

GLOBOND Fireproof series have A2 grade and B1 grade .The A2 and B1 grade certified fireproof composite panels Tested by EN 13501-1. ASTM D1929.DIN 4102.BS 476.Part 6 and 7.AS/NZS 1350.1&3. Dubai Civil defense confirmed and approved Non-combustible panels . 

GLOBOND Fireproof panels is suitable for the projects such as the Petrol Oil station. Government new buildings. Hotel. Airport. Bus station etc. Aluminum cladding with A2 fireproof .it is the non combustive core composite with the metal color skin .Welcomed by the designers and customers.  


Spectra color composite panels

GLOBOND Spectra color composite panels use very special paints and use the paints natural character changes gradually under the natural sunlights .

Generally 3  or above colors mixtured.Give a basically color performance and show individual design of the building or ultral pics sprits.

GLOBOND spectra color panels can be fireproof panels or common core panels.



Stainless Composite Panels

    GLOBOND GBSSC series is using stainless steel 304# or 316# sheet as skin to composite with the firerated mineral core under the high temperature & pressure into the cladding panels. 

 Amazing impact strength and original metal performance . 30 years to 50 years warranty. 

There are also have many metal imitation colors available such as copper.Titanium . Zincalu. etc. Used for the memorial hall. the museum. the government office building, the Expo pavillion etc.  


Copper Composite Panels

 GLOBOND GCC Series is using the copper skin and firerated core to composite into the panels .

The character is attract the copper metal style & pattern meanwhile save the cost .Can easily copy any classical colors.Easy to processing and installation.Especially meet the European architects style or dream demanding. 


Signage Composite Panels

  GLOBOND SCP series composite panels can be used for digital printing or silk screen printing with the 3D printing machinery.

Can be spray-painted & instant stick .it is easy to be cut.punched.it has great feasibility on processing .easy to be fixed to all claddings. Including all shapes .curves. radius.bending .joint. connection .etc.it can be finished by normal machines for metal or wood. 

GLOBOND Signage panels can be printed into any digital .pictures. used for showroom. Promotion .seminar .oil station display boards. Could be big size 2000*6000*2mm.  



Perforated Metal Panels

GLOBOND peroforated panels could be aluminium perforated.copper perforated .aluminum composite panel perforated.stainless steel perforated panels.


Engraving panels

The engraving panels can be any kind of pattern or pics includng the animals.arts pics.


Double Curved Nosing Panels

The Double Curved Nosing Panels used for some special design demanding.

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